How to boost your wine sales ?

You are a wine importer and you would like to boost your sales or fresh
up your wine list. The market changes quickly and your customers’ needs
and expectations too.

“We help you find the wines you are looking for.”

You know you should revise your wine offer but you keep postponing because :

You don’t have a clear idea of what to look for ?

We will guide you step by step to find the right wines for your customers and help you promote them.

We make things easy for you :

Only one contact for your wine sourcing.

We love diversity… because each destination country is different :
We adapt to your market constraints !

Wine Selection

We are proud to offer quality wines followed vintage after vintage which are carefully selected.
Through our close links with the Chateaux and the estates, we are happy to promote the French wine patrimony. Our range of wines represents the wide diversity of the French producing regions.


We are passionate about wine and export. Curious to discover the specificities of each market, we have developed long-term and friendly relationships with our customers.
We will offer you a personalized selection adapted to your market.

Customer Orientated

Because we would be nothing without our customers, we are very much customer-orientated. We care about the service we provide and about our customers’ needs and satisfaction.
We can also offer personalized labels and house wines upon request.


We sell our wines to importers and wholesalers in the entire world in more than 30 countries. We are used to sell to foreign markets.
We will adapt to your market and we will be happy to help you with our expertise.

Wines & Spirits

Our wines are from all the French regions (Bordeaux, Languedoc, Rhône Valley, Bourgogne, Loire, South-West, Alsace and Champagne mainly).
We have extended our range to French spirits : Armagnac, Cognac and French Brandy

Organic & Eco-friendly

Lost with eco-friendly certifications ? We can guide you.
Our selection of organic wines and wines from eco-friendly agriculture is continuously increasing.

“What we like the most is finding the right wines for our customers.”

If you need to build or fresh up your wine selection, we can surely help you. Contact us at