Virginie BELLOCQ VALTON - Founder of VBV WINES
Virginie VALTON – Founder of VBV WINES

My name is Virginie Valton

✨ Wine and travel lover, I advise wine importers in their wine and spirits selection. I have a 15-year-long experience in the wine sourcing.

✨ Thanks to my expertise and network in French wines and spirits (Bordeaux, Languedoc, Rhone Valley, Bourgogne, Loire, Alsace, Champagne, Cognac, Brandy, Armagnac…), I will help you step by step find the right wines for your customers.

✨ I can advise on most wines (middle and high range wines as well as taylor made brands / OEM) but my favourite are micro cuvees, organic and biodynamic wines made by talented and passionate wine producers. I have wonderful stories to tell !

✨ I created my own wine company in 2015. I go through the vineyards, cellars and wine fairs all year-long to find the right wines and study the wine tendencies. I know every part of the wine sector from vine-growing to harvesting, blending, bottling, marketing and selling. I have linked strong ties with passionate wine producers from all the French wine producing regions for whom the respect of the environment is very important.

✨ I’m passionate about cross-cultural so I can help you everywhere you are !

✨ I can speak French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and a little of Chinese and I passed
WSET 3 Wines and WSET 2 Spirits.

✨ If you need to build or fresh up your wine selection, I can surely help you.