Everything’s going to be ok

Last week was a crazy week in France. It’s our turn to experience the lockdown.

The wine sector activity is slowing down but did not stop. Whenever possible, the staff is working from home. In the cellar, in the vineyard and on the bottling chain the teams are still on, in compliance with the safety rules. Leadtimes may be slighlty longer in some cases but transport is running.

It was sudden but I’d like to thank my partners for their flexibility and quick reaction. The chain was able to adapt quickly, face this situation and help each others.

I have been used to work from different places for many years so home office is not a problem for me. We are operational and here to help our customers find the right solutions as usual. My role is to make things easy to my customers and it is still true, more than ever.

Some may think that wine is not essential in these difficult times but behind wine are many small producers, small companies who need to keep on otherwise all this will desapear. I will be there to help them as much as I can.

We have lived this through our customers in China these last weeks. It will take us time, efforts and patience but we will go through it. Take care.

Everything’s going to be ok.