I had a great experience yesterday !

I’ve had many wine tasting during the last 15 years but I never experienced to taste the same wine in different glass shapes. When I heard that Maximilian Riedel was giving a Masterclass on how the glass shape can influence the wine taste, I did not think twice !

Of course, Riedel is the reference in professional wine glasses. They have been producing glasses for 11 generations. They developped special glasses for most grape varietes working closely with winemakers.

I was expecting some slight changes but I had to recognize that the wines express differently according to the glass shapes, . Some glasses will perfectly enhance the fruitiness, the fine tannins, the balance whereas some may reveal a bitterness not even felt in the other glass.

Don’t get me wrong, it does not turn an average wine into a top wine but tasting is sometimes a sum of details and it can help to make a wine unforgettable.

Only a few seconds are needed to make one’s opinion on a wine. As a wine professional the choice of glasses used can really make the difference. If you’re looking to boost your sales, think about the glass !

I enjoyed the experience which was very instructive and Maximilian made it very entertaining too. A great moment !